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As soon as our daughter started her first steps my wife was out in the local department stores looking for something cute but also practical to help our little one get on her feet.


Being in a regional area our choice was fairly limited to a lot of the big name brands or cheap shoes that didn't look like they'd last past our daughters first outing.


My wife found Attipas online and liked the unique style and look and ordered a pair of the Attipas Pink Lady Shoes straight away.


That was over 6 months ago now and our daughter still wears the same Attipas shoe which has outlasted any of her other shoes (we bought the medium size so she grew in to them).  For me I just couldn't stand picking my daugher up off the floor as she slid and fell all over the place on concrete and tiled floors in other shoes.  Attipas have a soft rubber grip sole which gave our daughter much more stability and confidence.


I also like the practicality of the sock shoe combination as it's so easy to just slip on and slip off and they are as light as s sock.  Being a mere male I'm not always good at having to co-ordinate separate socks and shoes (according to my wife anyway...)  


Another plus is the Attipas shoe range are machine washable so all I have to do is throw them in the washing machine and they're good for another round.


My wife received many comments from friends and parents asking about our daughters shoes, so when we were looking at product for the launch of our new Baby Strawberry site it was pretty much a no brainer for our choice in shoes :-)


Attipas shoes are relatively new in name in baby shoes (released in 2011) but were the result of 7 years of research and development at Seoul University.  They are available in a variety of styles and colours from first walkers to around 4 years of age.  Check out our full range of Attipas Shoes in our online store.


Happy walking!


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